Pampers develops nappies for babies of every age. We care for babies from new-borns to potty training toddlers with the goal of providing care for their happy healthy development.

Find the perfect Pampers size for your little one from size 0 to size 3 for Pampers New Baby nappies and from size 0 to size 8 for all the others ranges of Pampers diapers for maximum comfort and protection. The New Baby Pampers nappies provide your baby with silky softness as well as a wetness indicator to make it easier for you.

Pampers Premium Care have an absorb-away layer that absorbs runny messes. These Pampers Premium diapers pull wetness away from your baby’s skin while feeling silky soft.

Pampers splashers swim pants are perfect for the beach or pool, have a comfortable fit with a 360 stretchy waistband as well as dual leak-guard barriers that provides protection underwater.

Pampers Newborn Diapers are highly absorbent and super soft. This collection includes Pampers Pants, diapers, wipes and more. We offer many different options so you can find the perfect diaper for your newborn.

Pampers wipes will give you a gentle and thorough clean that you will love. As wipes’ uses have expanded over time, Pampers sensitive wipes continue to improve to meet our consumers needs and standards.

Try Pampers Night Pants, designed so your baby can enjoy a calm and uninterrupted sleep. Explore our website for our collections of baby products including diaper creams, feeding products, and bathing products as well as other renowned brands including Soap and Glory, Ted Baker, No7, Bioderma, Botanics, and more in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all of UAE from Boots UAE